Welcome to the miniglot community

This forum is originally intended for parents who speak multiple languages and raise children in a multilingual environment and/or raise their children in a country which they’re not natives of. However, it also can speak well to parents who want to embrace a certain openness to the world in their households or who want their children to pick additional languages from their early years.

Raising polyglot children, whom we like to refer to as “miniglots” :heart: , can be a challenging endeavor, but the reward for children entering teenagehood and adulthood versed in several languages & cultures can be tremendous.

Materializing this reward is not easy everyday. We created this forum to make it possible for parents around the world to discuss tips, experiences, tools and wisdom, as well as to inspire other aspiring polyglot families.

Here, you can start your own discussions, reply to others, comment on the blog posts we publish on topics such as multilingual children upbringing, education philosophy and psychology, family health and harmony, parenting myth-busting.

Don’t forget to fill a bit of info on your profile at miniglot.com/profile to better integrate the community and increase the quality of responses you might get.

We enforce strict good conduct rules and encourage you to not share data that classify as personal or private to either you or your family on this forum.